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Video & Animation


Here are some examples of my work in Motion Graphics, Video, Post-Production, and 2D & 3D Animation.  All of these videos (and many more) can also be viewed on my vimeo page here. 

Custom Table Crafting

I shot and edited this video for Makarios Decor to showcase the attention to detail and master craftsmanship that goes into each of the company's signature custom wood slab tables.  I filmed using my Canon Vixia camera and did all of the post-production editing in Premiere and After Effects.

Beam Chandelier

A video I created utilizing 3D elements and animation as a promotion for the company's unique wooden beam chandelier.  the 3D environment allowed me to showcase the wide customization available in the product (stretch dimensions, change color, adjust lightbulb height, etc...).  I textured the model using photos I took of the actual product and I finished the post-production elements in After Effects.

Vintage Green Antiques

I created this video for Joyce Workman to showcase her new small business, Vintage Green Antiques. We take some time talking with Joyce and listening to what motivated her to start a new business, what challenges she faces, and what she loves about her store and her customers. I created this video using primarily video footage and standard video editing techniques. I also did the animation on her logo at the start and end of the video as well as writing the script with her.

The Starry Night

"The Starry Night" by Vincent Van Gogh is my wife's favorite painting. I wanted to capture the idea of the painting's progression as it transformed from an idea in Van Gogh's mind with a crescendo into the masterful, iconic painting it became. This short animation is the result.

Music Festival

I created this video for GH Imaging to showcase all the products they offer that can be used in an outdoor event setting like a music festival. It's primarily a 3D animation. I built the entire scene in 3D (using Lightwave) using polygon modeling, then did the layout, texturing, lighting, and camera movements. I then brought the animation into After Effects for the post-production (graphic overlays, plugging in vocals and audio, 2D animation, etc...)

Rigid Flex Installation

The Rigid Flex hardware was developed by Graphics House Companies to make it easier and cheaper to install giant banners (such as the ones on the side of a building). I created this video as a tool for the GH sales team and their customers which visually describes the hardware and the installation process in a way that is easy to understand. The video contains elements of both 2D and 3D animation, built primarily using Lightwave 3D and After Effects.

Product Promo

I created this video (in After Effects) for Makarios Decor to quickly showcase some of their products. I built it as a rapid, photo slideshow built in vertical format to be used in the relatively new "Promoted Videos" on Pinterest. I had fun playing with various transitions, creating a sense of motion through still images, and timing everything to the high-energy soundtrack.

Dan McKinnon Profile

This is an interview with Dan McKinnon, the founder and CFO of Graphics House Companies. In addition to shooting the video itself, I did all of the post-production work. So I took about 15 minutes of raw footage, lined it up with the audio (recorded on a separate microphone), and made all of the cuts, edits, fades, text, and graphics in post to create this finalized video interview.

Custom Wooden Slabs

I created this video for Makarios Decor to showcase their customized wooden slabs, one of their top products. I built it primarily using 3D modelling and animation with the finishing touches completed in After Effects. Using the 3D model allowed me to visually demonstrate the versatility (custom dimensions, color, live edges, bracket options, etc...) of the product.

GH Town

This is a 3D Animation I built for Graphics House Imaging called GH Town. I constructed an entire city block in 3D space, then populated it with some of the products offered by Graphics House Imaging. Music bed and vocals were supplied by my coworker Andy O'Riley.

The Scream

This is the 2nd animation in what I hope to make into a series of animating famous works of art. I created this creepy animation of Edvard Munch's "The Scream". I wanted to give it a distinct 'horror' feel with a gradual crescendo into the scream itself, with the final frames ending on the completed painting.


I created this video for the company "Big Signs" to showcase their banner installation hardware, the dura-trac rail & bead system. The video utilizes both 2D and 3D animation to illustrate the usefulness of the product.

Dye-Sublimation Printing

This is a video combining 2D & 3D elements explaining the process of Dy-Sublimation Printing. I built the 3D model of the printer based on the "Teleios Grande G5". I created this video for GH Companies to coincide with the new Dye-Sub printer they'd just purchased.

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